368th Fighter Group
Gun Camera Film
Notes about film - PLEASE READ.

1.  These clips have been taken from actual combat film.  Remember this film was taken and processed 60+ years ago.
Some of the processing was done in tents, in the back of trucks, or in the closet of a bombed out building.
Do not expect a "Hollywood shot", however I think you will be impressed at the accuracy and firepower displayed.

2.  These film clips are the property of the
368th Fighter Group Association and may only be used for personal viewing.

3.  The "flickering" you may see is due to the camera being mounted on the inside of the right wing and behind the
See photo above right.

4.  The "shaking" or movement in some of the film is due to the camera mount and the shock of  four .50 caliber machine
guns firing just a few feet away.

5.  The camera would automatically start filming when the guns were fired and would stay activated for a few seconds
after firing stopped.  The camera could also be manually switched on, pilots often used their gun cameras during bomb
runs to help verify hits on target.

6.  How fast the clips load depend on many factors including your internet connection.
I have placed the file size in the title to give you some idea, be patient, it is worth the wait.  

7.  Clips are best viewed with Microsoft Windows Media Player, you may download this free from Microsoft:  

Enjoy!  Kenneth Kik, USAFR Ret.
1st Lt. Richard "Fearless Dick" Kik
395th Fighter Squadron
2nd Lt. J. Biagini
397th Fighter Squadron
Major Randall "Pinky" Hendricks
397th Fighter Squadron
368th Fighter Group Ace
Capt. Eugene Potter
397th Fighter Squadron
Killed in Action 07July44
Capt. John Lougee
397th Fighter Squadron
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Capt. Potter was a member of the Eagle
Squadron earlier in the war.
26May44 - Mission:  Attack targets,
Evreux/Fauville, France.
Clip#1: 39 seconds, Size: 4.85MB
Strafing target - dark film - good
example of the pattern a burst from
eight .50cal guns give.
Dive Bombing target in wooded area
with bomb blast seen towards end
of clip.
Clip#2: 17 seconds, Size: 2.2MB
Strafing vehicle on roadway.
27May44 - Mission:  Napalm
ammo dump near Compiegne, Fr.
then attack targets of opportunity.
65 seconds, Size: 7.8MB
Strafing vehicles
30May44 - Mission: Dive-bomb
bridges at Elbeuf and Pont-de-L’
Arche and attack targets of
21 seconds, Size: 2.57MB
Attacking train, locomotive
12June44 - D-Day + 6 Mission:
Rodeo & Armed Recce behind
57 seconds, Size: 6.87MB
Strafing Targets
14June44 - D-Day + 8
Mission: Rodeo & Armed
Recce south of Caen, France.
26 seconds, Size: 3.2MB
Strafing armored vehicle
29June44 - Mission:  Rodeo &
Armed Recce near St. Lo, France.
Clip#1: 10 seconds, Size: 1.3MB
Strafing vehicle
29June44 - Mission:  
Dive-bomb railroad gun
emplacements near St. Lo,
Clip#2: 9 seconds, Size: 1.3MB
Dive bombing rail yard, railroad
Clip#3: 51 seconds, Size: 6.2MB
Strafing targets
06Aug44 - Mission:  Armed
Recce & Armored column
cover for advancing 3rd
Armored Division.
62 seconds, Size: 7.54MB
Dive bombing marshaling yard
Strafing targets
2Aug44 - Mission:  Attack targets
in support of 3rd Armored Div.
Clip#1: 25 seconds, Size: 3.2MB
Strafing vehicles / armor.
Clip#3: 27 seconds, Size: 3.5MB
Strafing vehicles / armor.
Clip#5: 22 seconds, Size: 2.8MB
Attack train, destroy locomotives.
Clip#2: 13 seconds, Size: 1.8MB
Strafing vehicles.
Clip#4: 21 seconds, Size: 2.6MB
Attack targets in village.
16Aug44 - Mission:  Armored
column cover for "Poodle", attack
Germans fleeing Falaise area.
Clip#1: 18 seconds, Size: 2.4MB
Strafing vehicles on road.
Clip#2: 13 seconds, Size: 1.8MB
Strafing vehicles on road.
Note flak bursts from German AA
Clip#3: 25 seconds, Size: 3.3MB
Strafing targets / vehicles, lots of
AA fire.
17Aug44 - Mission:  Attack targets
in area between Flers & Argentan,
provide armored column cover.
Clip#1: 16 seconds, Size: 2.1MB
Strafing vehicles, note solid direct
Clip#2: 29 seconds, Size: 3.7MB
Strafing vehicles, note "flash" when
API rounds strike.
Missions of 01Sept44:  368th FG dispatched 83 sorties in support of the 3rd Armored Division.  
The groups planes ranged over the area N.E. of Paris and as far as Luxembourg.  The group also
dispatches flights to drop surrender leaflets, after which the planes attacked targets of
opportunity.  On 01Sept44 the 368th FG destroyed 100 motor transports and 10 tanks, to include
2 Tiger tanks.
Clip#1: 30 seconds, Size: 3.9MB
Strafing target -
Clip#2: 25 seconds, Size: 3.1MB
Strafing target -
Clip#3: 7 seconds, Size: 1.0MB
Strafing target -
Clip#1: 15 seconds, Size: 2.1MB
Strafing vehicles - steep diving
Clip#2: 13 seconds, Size: 1.8MB
Strafing vehicles.
Clip#3: 30 seconds, Size: 3.9MB
Strafing vehicles, including attack
on a AA, note large amount of AA
fired his way.
Clip#4: 14 seconds, Size: 1.9MB
Strafing vehicles, Capt. Lougee
destroys many in one pass.
Clip#5: 21 seconds, Size: 2.6MB
Strafing vehicles & other targets.
Clip#6: 29 seconds, Size: 3.6MB
Strafing vehicle column, Capt.
Lougee expertly walk his .50 API
rounds down the road striking
many vehicles.
Clip#7: 11 seconds, Size: 1.4MB
Attacks targets with many strikes
noted.  Film a little dark.
Lt. Col. John Haesler
397th Fighter Squadron
16Aug44 - Mission:  Armored column
cover for "Poodle", attack Germans
fleeing Falaise area.
17 seconds, Size: 2.25MB
Strafing targets
Missions of 03Sept44:  A German Division had been spotted leaving east of the French town of Maubeuge.  The 368th FG was
dispatched to provide armored column cover for the 3rd Armored Division entering the town from the west.  The 368th FG
bombed in front of and then behind the fleeing Germans trapping them.  Col Meyers called for help from other groups when he
realized the magnitude of the situation.  The 397th FS led by
Captain John Lougee flew a gunnery pattern that left 75 vehicles
burning, The 396th FS led by Captain William Gibson knocked out 140 vehicles S.W. of Mons, Belgium.

The 368th Fighter Group was cited for outstanding performance of duty in action against the enemy on September 3rd, 1944.
The group destroyed 292 motorized transports and 230 horse-drawn vehicles, many with artillery pieces.  The 368th FG would
receive the Presidential Unit Citation for this action.  Click here to see actual citation.

The 9th TAC destroyed 919 trucks, 737 horse-drawn vehicles, and 59 armored vehicles in this action.
Clip#1: 16 seconds, Size: 2.0MB
Chasing an FW-190
Clip#3: 30 seconds, Size: 3.8MB
Strafing targets
Clip#2: 25 seconds, Size: 3.2MB
Strafing vehicles
Bombing Bridge
Clip#4: 25 seconds, Size: 3.1MB
Attacking Flak Tower
Clip#5: 30 seconds, Size: 3.8MB
Strafing targets
Clip#7: 5 seconds, Size: 950KB
Attacking vehicle
Clip#6: 19 seconds, Size: 2.6MB
Attacking ground targets
Strafing vehicles
Clip#8: 14 seconds, Size: 1.75MB
Attacking ground targets
Clip#1: 14 seconds, Size: 1.8MB
Great strafing clip with element
leader seen on the left also strafing
Clip#2: 24 seconds, Size: 3.1MB
Strafing targets, good shot of
broadside attack on a tank, possible
Clip#3: 13 seconds, Size: 1.8MB
Attacking armored vehicle on road
scoring numerous hits, note
Missions of 04July44 - Independence Day - Instead of fireworks the 368th FG
listened to the rumble of heavy artillery in the distance.  
Each squadron flew one mission, the 397th flew a dive bombing mission against
road bridges followed by armed recce's to look for targets of opportunity.  The
397th FS was bounced by 18 FW-190's,
Captain Eugene Potter is credited with
one and Lt Robert Brown damages another.  No 397th FS planes are lost.  
The first clip is from July 4th, the other clips were part of the same film but
unknown if from the same day.
Missions of 29Aug44:  Group narratives state the group was
grounded on the 29th due to bad weather?
 This film may
have been shot on the 28th and dated incorrectly.  On the
28th the group flew armed recces in support of the 3rd Armor
near Compiegne and clobbered 300 enemy vehcles.
28May44 - Mission:  
9 seconds, Size: 716KB
Attacks and destroys 2 locomotives.
6June44 - Mission: D-Day
Clip #1 - 9 seconds, Size: 747KB
Attacking targets in village.
6June44 - Mission: D-Day
Clip #2 - 7 seconds, Size: 672KB
Attacking moving train - destroys
12June44 - Mission:
Clip #1 - 22 seconds, Size: 1.4MB
12June44 - Mission:
Clip #2 - 5 seconds, Size: 378KB
12June44 - Mission:
Clip #3 - 21 seconds, Size: 1.4MB
12June44 - Mission:
Clip #4 - 20 seconds, Size: 1.3MB
12June44 - Mission:
Clip #5 - 7 seconds, Size: 528KB
Attacking targets in village.
22June44 - Mission:
6 seconds, Size: 434KB
Chasing Me-109
3July44 - Mission:
Clip #1 - 6 seconds, Size: 590KB
Attacking train - destroys
3July44 - Mission:
Clip #2 - 8 seconds, Size: 735KB
Attacking train - destroys two
27July44 - Mission:
Clip #1 - 10 seconds, Size: 760KB
Attacking armored vehicles on road.
27July44 - Mission:
Clip #2 - 8 seconds, Size: 672KB
Destroys three vehicles.
2August44 - Mission:
8 seconds, Size: 729KB
Strafing targets in village.
13September44 - Mission:
Clip #2 - 17 seconds, Size: 1.1MB
Attacking moving vehicles on road.