The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt
"The Big Beautiful Jug"
P-47M, P-47N and XP-47 Models
Republic P-47N - The last Production Thunderbolt
The P-47N was the last version of the Thunderbolt to be built in quantity.  There was a need for a
long-range fighter in the Pacific, the "N" was specially designed as that long-range fighter.

The N was developed out of the XP-47M prototype with the more powerful P&W -57c and CH-5
turbo-supercharger.  XP-47M prototype 42-27387 was re-designated XP-47N.  The XP-47N was fitted
with a new "wet" wing of slightly larger span and area.  For the first time a Thunderbolt was fitted with
fuel tanks in the wings.  Each wing tank carried 93 gallons and with ecternal tanks she could carry 1266
gallons of fuel extending the range to apx. 2350 miles.  
The new wing incorporated larger ailerons and squared-off wingtips which enhanced the roll-rate of the
Thunderbolt and improved maneuverability. The dorsal fin was slightly larger than that on the
P-47D-30.  Due to the increased fuel load and increase in gross weight, the undercarriage of the XP-47N
had to be strengthened, which increased the weight still further. The maximum weight rose to over
20,000 pounds.   

The USSAF was confident in these new upgrades and ordered 1900 P-47N models in June 1944 before
the XP-47N was completed or test flown.  The XP-47N's first test flight was on July 22, 1944 and entered
production soon after in September with the first delivered to the USAAF in December 1944.  P-47N's
were able to escort B-29's to Japan and back from bases like Saipan.  The P-47N remained in service
with the USAF and Air National Guard units long after the war ended.

Total production of P-47N models
Farmingdale Plant:  1667
Evansville Plant:  149

P-47N Serial Numbers:
44-87784 - 88333 Republic P-47N-1-RE Thunderbolt
Initial production model

44-88334 - 88883 Republic P-47N-5-RE Thunderbolt
Zero-Length rocket launchers added

44-88884 - 89083  Republic P-47N-15-RE Thunderbolt

44-89084 - 89283  Republic P-47N-20-RE Thunderbolt

44-89284 - 89450  Republic P-47N-25-RE Thunderbolt
P&W R2800-77 engine installed

45-49975 - 50123  Republic P-47N-20-RA Thunderbolt

Republic P-47M
The P-47M was built strictly as a fighter to counter the new German jet fighters and to intercept the V-1 "Buzz Bombs"

Four P-47D-27-RE's (42-27385 - 27388) were pulled from regular assembly and fitted with the new P&W R-2800-57c
engines with larger turbo-supercharger (CH-5), this new engine was capable of 2800hp at 32,500' with water injection.  Air
brakes were fitted underneath the wings to aid in deceleration.   
These four were designated as XP-47M

Production began in September 1944, and only 130 were produced before production was ceased.  These 130 were
P-47D-30RE airframes fitted with the new engine, dive brakes, no bomb racks and re-designated as the P-47M-1-RE.  
The first P-47M's were sent to Europe and assigned to the 56th FG, the only 8th AF fighter group that retained the P-47
throughout the war.
The P-47M entered service in the early spring of 1945 and the war was soon over.

Factory rated P-47M-1-RE performance states a maximum speed of 400 mph at 10,000 feet, 453 mph at at 25,000 feet, and
470 mph at 30,000 feet. Initial climb rate was 3500 feet per minute at 5000 feet and 2650 feet per minute at 20,000 feet.
Range (clean) was 560 miles at 10,000 feet.

P-47M-1-RE Serial Numbers: 44-21108 - 21237

XP-47H - P-47D-15-RE airframes 42-23297 and 23298 fitted with experimental 16 cylinder Chrysler inverted V liquid cooled
engine.  Project began in 1943, first flew on July 26, 1945, cancelled soon after due to advent of jet propulsion technology.

XP-47J - Lightened airframe with six guns.  Test platform for new P&W R2800-57c Powerplant

XP-47K - Airframe P-47D 42-8702 modified with a Hawker Typhoon "Bubble" canopy.

XP-47L - Airframe P-47D 42-76614 modified with bubble canopy and larger fuel tanks.